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Los Angeles Ambulance Accident Attorneys

An ambulance accident is a complicated auto accident in that it can include not only a driver and other motorists on the road but also an EMT/paramedic and a patient riding in the patient compartment in the back of the vehicle. In addition, an ambulance is a large vehicle that can cause serious damage to a typical passenger car, a pedestrian or a cyclist.

Many ambulance accidents occur when the ambulance is on duty or in an emergency situation. When this is the case, the risks and likelihood of an accident increase due to the ambulance’s legal ability to ignore certain traffic laws – such as going through a red light or speeding. However, it is important to know that all three of the below factors must be present in order for an emergency vehicle to operate in that way:

  • A siren must be present and in use
  • Red lights must be visible from the front of the vehicle
  • There must be a verified emergency

If any one of those three factors is not present, that is a direct violation of vehicle code and could result in an accident. The ambulance driver must exercise reasonable caution even while responding to an emergency call. Failure to do so can be dangerous for other motorists.

Contact a Los Angeles Ambulance Lawyer

If you have been injured in an ambulance accident, it is important that you contact a qualified California personal injury lawyer immediately. Acting fast in any auto accident case is a must if you want all evidence to be readily available (physical injuries and evidence which may otherwise be impounded and destroyed.) Your only chance of receiving compensation for your injuries, both physical and emotional, is to contact our qualified Los Angeles and Orange County ambulance accident attorneys.

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